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Phyllis Schlafly had an intuitive foreknowledge of key political issues, and she wrote and spoke out about many of them before they became national controversies. Here is a growing list of examples:

Issue Date PS wrote about it Time when it became a big controversy
Giving away control over Panama Canal 1967 1978, the Panama Canal Treaty
Homeschooling (teaching children to read at home)
Importance of Republican Party platform 1952? 89% of Republican votes are consistent with the platform
A Choice Not An Echo 1964 Goldwater, Reagan, and particularly Trump (2016)
Voter ID 2006 2016
Judicial Supremacy 2004 (book) Obergefell v. Hodges (legalizing same-sex marriage in 2015)
Women in Combat
Internet - control of
Mandatory vaccination
Same-Sex Marriage
Con Con Dec. 1984 (PSR) 2016
SDI Geneva summit in 1985
Equality arguments for homosexuality predicted mid-1970s 2015
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