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Part of [Phyllis Schlafly's] effect on me over the years has been just that, "ENCOURAGEMENT! Having become acquainted with her writings in the mid 1960's as a young mother myself I have always viewed that as a blessing. So often in all these ensuing years her wisdom and influence have played a very large role in my life as we were raising our family. Her political stands have been monumental as a witness to what one dedicated woman can do.

Phyllis's gifts to America have been many of great importance. Her success in defeating the Equal Rights Amendment was an amazing even that knowledgable women today marvel over.

So often even today with all the chaos coming out of Washington it is easy to become downhearted, maybe even enraged. But my better self tells me to hold on and hold out. This nation has been through some pretty big challenges before, actually too many to mention here. We ask God to grant us the kind of true leadership we need as a nation. Let us be as dedicated as Phyllis has been and continue to encourage each other in every way possible. Be a good neighbor, Be a good friend. Remember it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

As a lady well past middle age I am so grateful to have lived in this land all my life, watched her ups and downs, been from border to border and from sea to shining sea and I know also how the rest of the world lives. We are a blessed people and much of those blessings come from people who have taken on the awesome task of being true leaders. I very eagerly put Phyllis in this description, a true leader!

One of the most bright sports that come to me in my weathered old mailbox is guess what... the Phyllis Schlafly Report! A breath of fresh air, a new plan for a better nation, a bit of good news about education and on and on. The communication from Eagle Forum is vital as life has many demands on us all. To know we are kept up to speed through her very well run organization is of great benefit. Thanks to this wonderful patriot and her staff, we are refreshed, renewed, and ready to preserve liberty for the next generation.

Thank you dear, dear lady for all you have done, for all you have been over these many years. We thank the almighty God for you.

With a grateful heart I remain,

Patricia Coniguliaro, South Carolina

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