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Babysitting when War of the Worlds panic occurred

Phyllis is eight years older than Ned Pfeifer, and in October 1938 Phyllis had recently turned 14 years old while Ned was six. Phyllis was babysitting Ned on the night of October 30, 1938, when Ned's parents were away for the evening.

The War of the Worlds radio show was broadcast that night and terrified the entire Nation.

Before long, the phone began to ring at the home where Phyllis was babysitting Ned. Phyllis answered the phone, and it was her parents. Like many people, Phyllis's parents were panicked as a result of the War of the Worlds radio dramatization.

Phyllis, however, was completely calm. "It's only a radio show. It's not real," the 14-year-old Phyllis told her parents. "There is no need to panic."

Phyllis understood the media even at the young age of 14.

"Can I Vote for Trump?

Phyllis was approached after church on Sunday by a group of ladies in the parking lot. "Is it really OK to vote for Trump?" they asked. "Yes, it is," Phyllis responded with a smile. She was a greatly amused that they asked her for permission.

Several months later, after the liberal media beat up on Trump further, Phyllis was approached a second time by the same group of ladies. "Is it still OK to vote for Trump?" they asked. "Yes, it is still OK," Phyllis responded, with even greater amusement.

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