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Eagle Forum members should be informed about what is happening. Here's an update that you can forward.

The Gang of 6 attempted to install a pro-choice Executive Director of Eagle Forum, Anne Cori. This past week she has been disrupting operations in ways that would comical, if not so harmful:

· last night, three days before the end of a legislative session where an Eagle Forum volunteer is working feverishly to stop ConCon, Anne called her to say that her expenses would not be paid as she had been promised.

· Anne has demanded that Eagle Forum not pay for any expenses of the important pro-life event that has been held for 20 years by my mother at the Republican National Convention.

· the Gang of 6 is wasting perhaps $100,000 in legal fees in their attempt to take control of Eagle Forum and give themselves important-sounding titles.

· meanwhile, Anne and the other members of the Gang of 6 voted to give themselves expensive Directors & Officers insurance, which no Eagle Forum board member has previously had for 40 years, and none of the other board members (including myself) want to waste donors' money on.

· Anne, who is not an accountant or an attorney, wasted hours of John's time in order to nitpick small expenses as she sneered at him. John, a volunteer as I am, is both a CPA and an attorney, and is the most meticulous and frugal person you will ever meet.

Eunie Smith tried to grab the title of Interim President for herself, and she is apparently allowing this conduct by the pro-choice Anne because of how their astronomical legal fees are being funded. They probably plan to demand reimbursement for their massive legal bills from the nonprofit Eagle Forum if they do take control.

The remainder of the Gang of 6, such as Cathie Adams, may pretend not to know what is happening. Please ask them. I asked Cathie Adams the day before she supported appointment of a pro-choice Executive Director if Cathie had ever read anything she had written. She answered "no", yet voted to install her anyway.

The Gang of 6 has a fiduciary duty to members of Eagle Forum. At this point they may be taking orders from their pro-choice Executive Director because they don't want to receive the massive legal bill they're running up. But the Gang of 6 owes a duty to you and to donors. Please tell them what you think of their conduct.

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