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In their lawsuit against Eagle Forum, Anne Cori and Eunie Smith are running up a legal bill that will approach $500,000. They will try to put that on the backs of Eagle Forum members and donors.

That is wrong morally. Anne and Eunie did not raise that money, and donors did not contribute it for Anne and Eunie to pretend to be leaders by calling themselves "Executive Director" and "Interim President."

Anne Cori has been kicked off three different conservative boards of directors in the past year, yet now she has Eunie Smith, Cathie Adams, Shirley Curry, Carolyn McLarty and Rosina Kovar blindly facilitating their secret plan.

Eagle Forum was built on real political leadership, and donors gave money for a real leader. Yet Anne has written virtually nothing conservative her entire life. She and Eunie are wasting big money to seek titles of leadership by litigation rather than by earning it. That is not real leadership.

Anne, Eunie, and the Gang of 6 had three attorneys from an expensive law firm stand against Phyllis Schlafly in the court hearing last month, which lasted nearly all afternoon. That alone cost many thousands of dollars. Earlier this week the Gang of 6 wasted more legal fees to whine about my informing fellow members.

Anne, Eunie and others should be disclosing to membership the massive legal bill they are running up in their attempt to grab unearned titles of leadership for themselves, and how they secretly plan to stick Eagle Forum with their wasteful fees.

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