Update thirteen

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The Gang of 6's attempt to take over Eagle Forum has been fueled by their attachment, and that of their secret financial backer, to Ted Cruz. The Gang of 6 pretends otherwise because in early April they heard advice to "stay away from the Cruz and Trump issue" and instead attempt to "make Ed so toxic that no one will touch him with a ten foot pole." Their call also urged them to tell Phyllis "of the love we have for her," which later made them look foolish because different conspirators used the exact same insincere wording in speaking with her. She saw through it.

The rogue directors continue to cause the waste of hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Please join many supporters of Eagle Forum by signing this petition urging the Gang of 6 to resign: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/resignation-of-rogue-directors

Meanwhile, Politico explains how Ted Cruz's right-hand man, Jeff Roe, who has been implicated in the Gang of 6's conduct, double-crossed pro-life Congressman Tim Huelskamp and facilitated millions in fundraising for his challenger. Yesterday Huelskamp explained that the money is what beat him. This is an enormous loss, and we're not going to allow that to happen to the leadership of Eagle Forum.

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