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On Friday, the Gang of 6 refused to approve the payment of expenses for our upcoming pro-life event to be held in less than two months at the Republican National Convention. This event has been an important tradition since 1996.

That is the pro-choice mentality of the Gang of 6. They spend more time trying to grab titles for themselves and seizing control of the collection basket than allowing our traditional pro-life event to succeed at the Republican National Convention. No genuine pro-lifer would interfere with that event as Anne Cori, Eunie Smith, and the Gang of 6 are interfering with it.

Meanwhile, a close ally of the Gang of 6 even tried to block Phyllis from becoming a delegate to the Convention. But Ed Martin outwitted that anti-Phyllis effort by arranging for her to be elected as a national delegate at the Missouri state convention over the weekend. Now the anti-Phyllis cabal is a sore loser about its failures.

Why don't the Gang of 6 -- Anne Cori, Eunie Smith, Cathie Adams, Carolyn McLarty, Shirley Curry, and Rosina Kovar -- try harder to succeed on their own, rather than interfere with conservative success by Phyllis? It's pathetic when a few people stoop to the level of taking from a 91-year-old rather than trying harder to succeed on their own.

Betrayals occur, as every Christian knows. But not even Judas helped someone betray her own mother. The Gang of 6 never has and never will provide a justification for such conduct.

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