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The expensive attorneys for Anne Cori and the Gang of 6 were back in court last Monday, and they lost in blocking payment on a staffer's salary. They also got nowhere in complaining about my personal emails.

Anne, Eunie Smith, Rosina Kovar, Carolyn McLarty, Shirley Curry, and Cathie Adams are running up a legal bill of perhaps $50,000 per week. If they continue their lawsuit against Eagle Forum through the end of this year, they will waste more than a million dollars in legal fees. $400-per-hour attorneys can inflict big damage in a hurry.

There is no free lunch. The secret "private money" donor being used by Anne and Eunie expects something in return. They won't say what promises were made. But conservative leadership is never based on deception. The approach of Anne and Eunie is a road to nowhere but condemnation, even ridicule.

They continue to force my mother to spend enormously out of her own pocket on legal fees against this onslaught. Incredibly, an ally of the Gang of 6 tried to deny this. Anyone can call Phyllis if anyone doubts it.

The good news is that the Gang of 6 will not slow our conservative work. In the past week I made multiple presentations at a conservative conference, appeared on an Eagle's radio show, and achieved a major victory in court in blocking euthanasia against a hospitalized patient, pro bono.

Today several of us formed a strong working group to "STOP COS," the Con Con with big money behind it. I have debated against the COS and plan to do more. I may speak on this at our upcoming Collegians event in D.C., which will be my 15th year of participation. Please email me if you'd like to be part of our "STOP COS."

As their wasteful and senseless legal bills mount while achieving nothing, the Gang of 6 are fooling fewer and fewer people every day.

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