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I've been getting inquiries by Eagle Forum members for an update, and members should be informed. Please feel free to forward this to others, or send me additional email addresses for me to include in my list for next time.

The Gang of 6 did not win most of their demands last week in Court. The Court issued a very limited TRO that granted only a small portion of the demands by the Gang of 6, while not granting their biggest and most prominent requests.

The Court rejected the demand by the Gang of 6 to immediately change the leadership of Eagle Forum. Anne Cori, who has written virtually nothing conservative her entire life and was recently described as "pro choice" by someone who knew her when she was in her 30s, is not the Executive Director as the Gang of 6 attempted to do. (I have never heard Anne say anything pro-life or conservative on other key social issues.) Eunie Smith, who refused to admit that the Gang of 6 was secretly using a law firm for takeover purposes and has still not disclosed who is funding their law firm to sue Eagle Forum, is not the Interim President of Eagle Forum as she attempted.

These two independent news articles summarize the recent events: http://www.newswithviews.com/Nelson/kelleigh304.htm http://www.wnd.com/2016/05/court-battle-set-over-control-of-schlaflys-eagle-forum/

The first thing the Gang of 6 attempted to do is to seize all the bank accounts of Eagle Forum, and that has been enormously disruptive. Routine matters of paying staff or reimbursing an Eagle for minor expenses to attend a hearing have become huge problems. Loyal staff who have done the daily tasks that need to get done are very worried whether their next paycheck will arrive. There is no justification by the Gang of 6 to disrupt operations and they should be honest with the membership about what they have done.

My brother John, a volunteer to Eagle Forum, now has to spend his days and nights trying to keep operations going with frozen accounts. I am also a volunteer to Eagle Forum, as is my mother.

The Gang of 6, using an expensive law firm funded by a source that Eunie refuses to disclose, has sued John personally despite how he is a volunteer. John is a master of detail, trained as an accountant with a CPA and as a lawyer, and the books are perfect. Yet the Gang of 6 insists on harassing him and demands a second audit in addition to the one that is already done each year, which would waste $25,000. The Gang of 6 also insists on buying expensive Directors and Officers Insurance for themselves, which we have done fine without for decades. That would waste even more money.

The Court did give the Gang of 6 access to books and records, which means that John's time will be further wasted by having to assemble everything and walk non-accountants through it. The Court also suspended our private, internal election of a new director.

Ed remains the President and is keeping things going. His management of Eagle Council last September gave it record-breaking success, with our biggest attendance ever and a profitable bottom line. Ed knows virtually everyone in politics and works 24x7. He's honest, too, like the rest of us who are working overtime to save Eagle Forum against this hostile takeover backed by undisclosed funding.

Litigation is time-consuming and often unproductive. The Gang of 6 sued Eagle Forum, John, and Ed. The Gang of 6, in trying to grab control for themselves, is interfering with the good work that Eagle Forum has done for decades and needs to continue doing. The next Court hearing will probably be in June and the Gang of 6 continues to use a big law firm funded by a source they refuse to disclose. My mother is shocked at the betrayal of her by the Gang of 6.

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