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Eunie Smith just admitted that there is “private money” funding her takeover attempt and lawsuit against Eagle Forum. Eunie has refused to disclose the source, but it is not pro-life. It may even be a guy who has been a big supporter of Planned Parenthood along with his first wife.

Eunie falsely pretends that the secret funding source does not want to be repaid. That is not true. Eunie and the Gang of 6 will demand that Eagle Forum reimburse those monstrous legal fees, which will approach $500,000 or more. In their lawsuit against Eagle Forum the Gang of 6 has already expressly demanded that Eagle Forum incur and pay new legal expenses.

Eunie, Anne Cori, Cathie Adams, Shirley Curry, Carolyn McLarty, and Rosina Kovar (the Gang of 6) will put their astronomical expense on the backs of Eagle Forum donors. They are even forcing Phyllis to spend much of her own personal money to defend against their attack.

Consider that the Gang of 6 have helped a daughter betray her own mother in order to do all this. Together the Gang of 6 try to grab control of the collection box of Eagle Forum, something that most liberals would not even do.

Their takeover attempt is built on deceit but the truth is coming out. Eunie falsely pretended six weeks ago that she was not using a lawyer for her attempt. Now the Gang of 6 may fear being billed by their law firm if they back out, but it is time that at least one of them do the right thing and end their takeover attempt.

Meanwhile, the legal expenses are growing rapidly. The Gang of 6 could easily waste a million dollars at the rate they are going. The additional harm being caused by their betrayal is immeasurable.

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