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Andy Schlafly weighs in on Sen. Coburn and judicial activism:

Phyllis Schlafly's letter (see right) concerning former Senator Coburn's unwillingness to use the U.S. Senate's Constitutional powers to block judicial activism is accurate. ConCon proponents willing to risk our U.S. Constitution to a chaotic convention may try to argue that Coburn voted against the confirmation of Elena Kagan to the U.S. Supreme Court but that ignores the political reality. By then Coburn's opposition was "too little, too late." It was obvious, and everyone knew, that if Kagan was confirmed as Solicitor General despite having no courtroom experience she would eventually be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice.

Coburn cast his vote Yea to confirm the pro-abortion, ultra-liberal Kagan as Solicitor General despite Eagle Forum and others asking Coburn to oppose and block her. A total of 31 senators voted against Kagan for Solicitor General but not Coburn. Sen. Coburn praised and voted for Kagan which made her placement on the Supreme Court inevitable.

The Constitution is not the problem. Changing the Constitution is not the solution.

Andy Schlafly

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