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I was reared in a conservative - very patriotic home. My parents were well educated in the history of America, Western Europe and the Greek and Roman Republics. Constantly I was being taught in those areas by them.

So …. in the late 1960's my mother told me about this remarkable woman, a conservative patriot in the St. Louis area, who was really stirring it up among the "Republicans" there. My father was also sending me her newsletter.

When ERA started getting hot - I called Phyllis [always accessible] and said, "Would you like a singer for your Conferences"? She hesitated .. and then said [always courteous] "well … yes .. that would be fine" not knowing whether I could sing a note or sing on key. We have been with her for 40 years.

My background was as a performer in the theater in New York. I had joined the original cast of 'Funny Girl" from the start of the production and for 8 months thereafter. I was around and watched some of the finest performing talent New York had to offer. I watched Barbra Streisand, who as a young 22 year old, become a world class superstar.

So back to my first Eagle Forum Conference in 1974. I remember well when Phyllis came to the podium to speak. I WAS BEYOND AMAZED. Watching and listening to her, I became aware of the extent of her ability. I knew about major talent! She had complete control of her subject, [the ERA], and she wasted not a word. She had major brains, a compelling voice, style, looks, grace and heroic patriotism. SHE HAD THE WHOLE PACKAGE! Through the years, I have never seen it equaled by anyone - man or woman.

She has stopped or slowed significantly bad and freedom stripping legislation, more than anyone else in the last 40 years. She is - hands down - the most prominent female political figure in the history of this country. We are a more free people because of Phyllis, and it has been our great privilege to work with her and call her our friend.

by Prudence Fields

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