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Phyllis Schlafly is #1 on my list of living American women who have best served not only this (once) great country, but traditional womanhood as well. I can relate and admire a woman from my same generation who feels grateful for the opportunities of marriage and motherhood, as well as being grateful for being an American. Not just that, her deep understanding of what it means historically. Furthermore, Phyllis intelligently expresses her opinion regarding what should/can be done about getting us back on the right track again.

My favorite bookshelves contain Phyllis' books next to my bed. I don't just want to right a tribute to Phyllis Schlafly, but to thank her. She has been a fine role model, not only for older gals like me, but any open-minded younger ones (I ordered her latest book for my oldest grand-gals here). I only can write best wishes for you, Phyllis, and your important cause.

Gratefully, Margaret E. Mossholder, Michigan

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