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Working for Phyllis Schlafly when I was in my twenties gave me a strong understanding of the conservative movement. In fact, it was at an Eagle Council meeting when I first heard Rush Limbaugh speak -- well before I or most Americans even knew who he was!

Working alongside her on a daily basis game me a unique perspective and made me appreciate and respect her all the more. I saw, first-hand, her love for and tireless dedication to her country. She is one of the hardest working people I have ever known. Most mornings she was at her desk before I arrived and there long after I went home for the day. I would often marvel at her self-discipline, efficient work habits, and total commitment to excellence. Although most people recognize her strong and straight forward exterior, I had the privilege of seeing her generous and big heart beneath it all.

One of the biggest ways Phyllis impacted my life was seeing that she is not a dreamer: She is a doer. If she can think it or envision it -- she can do it! That mentality has powerfully impacted my life to this very day.

Phyllis Schlafly is a marvelous example of what hard work and dedication can produce, and I consider myself blessed to have known and worked for her.


Lania Duck Leuellen

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