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Our mutual friend and fellow conservative, Mrs. Katie Hennecy, conveyed to me that you were interested in obtaining commentary on your mother, Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly. I have not had the honor of personally meeting your mother. She was a leader and a catalyst for the conservative movement that led to the Republican Presidential nomination of Senator Barry Goldwater in 1964. Her writings, particularly A Choice Not an Echo had an influence on me as a undergraduate student at the University of South Carolina in the mid 1960's.

Prior to his death, Senator Barry Goldwater told me that his 1964 campaign led to the conservative takeover of the Republican Party and to the ultimate nomination and election of Ronald Reagan to the Presidency. I had the honor to serve Ronald Reagan as a delegate to multiple GOP national conventions, as a S.C. Presidential elector in 1980 and 1984, and as Republican National Committeeman for South Carolina co-terminus with his Presidency. In 1984 I was elected to the South Carolina Senate and have served continually. When the second session of the 120th General Assembly convenes on January 14, 2014, I will begin my 30th year of service.

Without the leadership provided by Mrs. Phyllis Schafly the above events may not have occurred. Kindly convey to your mother my deepest respect and on a lighter note share with her the story of my dogs. My last three dogs - Trinity of Dogs - have been registered as Strom Courson, Goldwater Courson, and Reagan "Gipper" Courson.

by Senator John Courson, President Pro Tempore of the Senate of South Carolina

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