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Tribute to Phyllis Schlafly

My experiences with Phyllis started as a homemaker, mother of four little boys, in the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) battles in Illinois in the mid-1970's, after I heard Phyllis speak against the Constitutional amendment. I was encouraged to speak with my elected officials about why they should vote against ERA, and made the first of several day-long trips to Springfield to do that.

My husband was very supportive, and our family went to many locations over the years in Illinois and Missouri to hear her speak. I continue to follow her leadership in other battles to this day, confronting an enemy that is intent on tearing down our American way of life and destroying our Constitution. Phyllis has formed much of my Conservative ideology,; and I became a "soldier" homemaker, joining in whatever battlefront where I was needed. Our sons have become "soldiers" also, whether they are expressing their views in education, or calling in to radio talk shows, or writing letters to the editor on government issues; and our grandchildren are being taught to know and defend Conservative values.

Phyllis is a light in a dark world of deceit and misinformation, especially since the mainstream media is either too lazy to do the work to report the truth, or have themselves come to believe that our country should be replaced with Socialism. Phyllis has a very concise way of explaining the goals of Socialism and the "Feminist Movement," whether it applies to education, marriage, the military, children, economics, health care, and so forth. She also has the ability to simplify what is complicated, and provide some of the best information on the superiority of our Constitutional Republic, whether through her books or periodicals. She has the ability to encourage people to join the battle in defense of liberty and direct them in ways to become most effective.

I remember the first time I heard her speak in opposition to ERA. Afterwards I told her of a speaker I heard who was promoting ERA at a ladies' church meeting. As I remember, Phyllis' exact words were "Well you have to do something." and she armed me for the long battle.

As in the Old Testament, when Queen Esther was called by God for a specific duty in her day, I believe that Phyllis was called by God for a specific duty in our country's history--to fight to keep our country under God--and I feel very fortunate to be "under her leadership."

Joan Cobb
Nashville, Illinois

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