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As every Christian knows, betrayals happen. Jesus was betrayed. Julius Caesar was betrayed. George Washington was betrayal. William Tyndale was betrayed. I joked to my mother that all great people were betrayed. In that sense, being the object of massive attempt at betrayal can be seen by historians as an illustration of one's immense influence.

Betrayals are motivated by several reasons -- by money, by power, by jealousy, and by an attempt to conquer what is good. A betrayal of a mother by her own daughter has its own roots, which have been studied and written about.

The betrayal of Jesus by Judas is told in the Gospels. If not written down, then future generations may not have believed it. But while atheists deny some parts of the Bible, I have never heard anyone doubt the account of the betrayal. It rings true, as does the betrayal of Phyllis as recounted in this book.

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