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A Thank-You Note

I don’t remember how or when I became aware of the work of Phyllis Schlafly, but it was sometime during the ERA movement. I was a young mother and very busy, but I felt it a responsibility to vote and to be involved in the laws that would affect me and our growing family. I participated in local political activities but not the national ones. Although I had some strong ideas of proper government, I did not feel that I had enough information about national politics, or really could know what was going on in Washington, D.C. so far away from where we lived, to really take an active stand on national issues - until the ERA movement.

Somehow during the first conflicts with the ERA I was introduced to the messages of Phyllis Schlafly, and they resonated with my religion and pro-family ideals. My husband joined me as we read the messages that Eagle Forum sent, and we felt empowered to begin to study the issues and take a stand. As we became Eagle Forum followers it was natural to involve our family in the political scene, using the information from Phyllis and Eagle Forum as a guide, contributing financially when we could.

It was confirmation to us that Eagle Forum had truly influenced our family philosophies when our oldest daughter, Tamara (Tammy) Trimble Israelsen was chosen as Eagle Forum’s “Fulltime Homemaker of the Year for Utah” in 1989.

Our family thanks Eagle Forum for valuable information, for national efforts to effect change, and for their conservative influence among the general public and our politicians. We continue to be supporters and have tried to share your work and goals with others of our family and friends. We feel that we know more about the proposed laws and other issues and changes that our lawmakers are considering, because of the research of Eagle Forum. And this has been a guide to our family and others in forming our political responses and support. Thank you.


Mrs. Eldeen Trimble

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