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In Texas, Gov. Abbott has endorsed Con Con, Ted Cruz quietly supports it, and supposedly 80% of the delegates to the Republican State Convention supported putting it in the platform in 2016. Tweet estimating approval vote

Shirley Spellerberg, a former Republican Party of Texas platform committee member, was the leading blogger against putting in the platform. Pat Carlson testified against Convention of States (COS) at a special legislative hearing in 2016.


In 2015, COS (HJR 77) passed by a relatively narrow vote of 80-62 in the House but was successfully blocked in the Senate through the leadership of Senate State Affairs Committee members Republican Craig Estes (SD-30), Troy Fraser (SD-24) and Jane Nelson (SD-12). Senator Estes was particularly outspoken against it. A sour-grapes description by the losers of COS's defeat can be found here.

An account of the legislative hearing in the Texas House is here.


The new Texas legislature convenes in January 2017 for its biennial session. Bryan Hughes succeeds Troy Fraser to represent SD-24. Assignments to committees, and to which committee the COS will be assigned, are not yet known.

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