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It was because of Phyllis Schlafly that I became a 'Pro-Family' delegate from Indiana to the International Women's Year Conference in Houston, Texas in 1977, and upon returning, wrote a book about my experience, and it is probably the only book that was ever written about that conference. The International Women’s Year Conference was designed to promote the infamous Equal Rights Amendment, which, had it become an amendment to our Constitution, would have instantaneously caused damage which has now taken years to create, like abortion, homosexuality and many, many other ideas promoted by the feminist at that time. No one knew for certain just what harm it would have done had it become a part of our Constitution.

One might think that we, the 'Pro-Family' women, were the ones who came from a ‘culture remote from the norm’ of that day. However, we were very much the main-line, A-typical women, and certainly the vast majority of women, but we were a “silent” majority. Why? Because the feminist, who were a minority, suddenly appearing upon the scene, had the good fortune of living in prime areas of the country (New York, California, etc.), and were able to influence ALL the national media; TV, magazines, newspapers, etc., who rallied behind them, giving them a clear and loud voice nationwide. We were blindsided, as we were a nation of wives and mothers, enjoying raising our families in the solitude of our homes, when suddenly this great demon began threatening our standard of living. Unfortunately, many women of that great silent majority, lacking knowledge, joined the ranks of the feminist, because that is all they heard from the national media, and assumed it was a good thing. After all does not “equal rights” sound plausible, therefore a necessity? The only means of getting information out was by mail, or by ‘word of mouth’, and that is when the Phyllis Schlafly report began. Thank God for that report, for we would have never known what the devil was up to! It is my understanding that the first Phyllis Schlafly report went out to 5,000 subscribers, mostly Christian.

The following is an excerpt from the book I wrote:

“I personally believe that long before the Stop ERA movement began, God was preparing Phyllis Schlafly for this job (alerting women through the Phyllis Schlafly Report) and that was something with which the women’s liberationists had not reckoned. Phyllis not only possessed the mental ability to compete with them on their terms, but she also had tremendous knowledge of government and of the political arena as well. That fact, coupled with a firm foundation that a strong Christian education could produce, put her in an excellent position to cope with the antics of these women. It would seem that Phyllis, like Ester of old, received the call: for “Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?””

Thanks God for women, like Phyllis Schlafly!


Charlotte Joanne Reynolds

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