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In the mid-seventies I was a young mother of three children when I became aware of the Equal Rights Amendment. I had never been involved in anything other than being a wife and mother. I knew this was a fight I needed to become involved in.

I heard of Phyllis Schlafly and that she was coming to Atlanta, Georgia to speak at an Eagle Forum meeting. I lived forty or more miles away but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I met Phyllis, along with Kathryn Dunaway and many other wonderful women who felt the same way I did about this push to take away the elevated state of womanhood and make us, in their words, equal with men. I knew this would not be a fair trade. I liked being a woman with a loving husband and three great kids.

That meeting changed my life. I began reading all I could about this amendment and how to go about educating others. As a young pastor's wife I had my work cut out for me. I began educating my own church family about the dangers of ERA. We began to write letters, make phone calls, take bus trips to Washington and meet with our elected officials. I would take a group of ladies, along with their beautiful little girls, and we would descend on our legislators at the State Capitol in Atlanta. I began talking about the dangers of ERA on my weekly radio program. We just were not going to let this happen on our watch.

Without the influence of Phyllis Schlafly I would never have become involved in what has been a great part of my life for these past forty years, seeking to influence our elected officials on the assault of marriage, family, and home. I will forever be grateful for the influence Phyllis has had on my life. God bless her richly for her unselfish life and the example she has been to millions of Americans and around the world.

Carolyn Henderson
Carrollton, GA

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