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I see many comparisons between Phyllis Schlafly and the late Margaret Thatcher. Like Prime Minister Thatcher, Phyllis has firm convictions of what is best for one's Country and she is willing to fiercely fight to preserve those values which allowed our nation to prosper. Neither of these warrior women cowered from their goals, not even when the opposition was fierce and the odds of winning low. Phyllis embodies the very essence of perseverance, courage, and determination. She values all who are like-minded and invites them to come along side to help with the task of preserving America's exceptionalism for future generations.

Through the years, Phyllis has always agreed to speak at our local California Eagle Forum events, and we are exceedingly thankful, knowing she is our big draw for attendance and can be trusted to provide the audience with a powerful message that educates and energizes them into action. She speaks confidently and clearly, letting the power of her brilliant words make an impact. I can't remember a time when the audience didn't jump to their feet with wild applause after hearing her articulate truths we all deeply felt and believed in our hearts.

Phyllis is our leader; she is our role model. Always a lady, she shows us one need not be crude, rude or loud to get an audience's attention. She makes her points with sound facts and figures, and she delivers them with both brilliance and a touch of common sense we all appreciate. We do and always will admire her amazing example. But it is not just her "Eagles" who value and applaud Phyllis. The entire nation has benefited from her tireless efforts to help preserve the values which vaulted America into being the leader of the free World.

I pray her efforts and strong spirit will continue to inspire people through the years and into the centuries ahead.

by Bonnie O'Neil, Vice President California Eagle Forum

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