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Phyllis Schlafly first came to my attention in the late 60's as conservatives were trying to lift out of the abyss following the Goldwater trouncing in 1964. "A Choice Not An Echo" steered me toward listening more carefully to this steadfast leader and clairvoyant.

Our Ohio Republican Party [Washington County] invited Phyllis to speak at a 1972 Lincoln Day Dinner. She "dared" to criticize Nixon and Kissinger. The "Party" folks pouted. We loved it.

As the ERA struggle began, my wife and I had already connected with Phyllis. As a lawyer, I had testified before committees of the Ohio legislature, whom until 1975, had resisted the ERA. Because of union pressure, Ohio subsequently passed it.

At the 1984 Republican National Convention in Dallas, Phyllis hosted her usual gala party. At the event, Phyllis scripted a musical drama [lyrics and music] for a large cast of singers and some Congressmen. This was a big deal in a glitzy ballroom. We were all in costumes with stage makeup. Many of the Republican House and Senate members were there in the audience. The show featured characters such as Walter [Fritz] Mondale, [the Dem. candidate], Bella Abzug, Carmen Miranda, Che Guevara, Fidel and others. The brilliant, hilarious and rhythmic lyrics included this choral number to the lively melody of "Puttin' on the Ritz".

"If you need a nominee
Please take ours because we agree
he is the 'pits'
We're puttin' up with Fritz"

She is brilliant, and she has a gentle but piquant sense of humor.


by Bill Fields

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