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“Phyllis Schlafly has become one of the most relentless and accomplished platform debaters of any gender to be found on any side of any issue.”Joseph Lelyveld, The New York Times Magazine, 1977 [1], future Executive Editor of the New York Times

“I think she's probably the best political organizer we've seen in American history.” - author Rick Perlstein in a comment to Retro Report.

“Phyllis is smart, so it was fun to be on the program with her . . . I never found Phyllis to be unpleasant, unfriendly or uncooperative.”Karen DeCrow, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2005 [2]

“But I just can’t think of anyone who’s so together and tough. I mean, everything you should raise your daughter to be . . . She’s an extremely liberated woman.”Karen DeCrow, The New Yorker, 2007 [3]

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